Chanson C3 triple-filtration System


AHT Malaysia is proud to present our water Chanson C3 Pre-Filtration system c3, the Perfect Pre-Filter for the any water ionizer or direct drinking.

The chanson c3 triple-filtration system is the perfect pre-filter for a water ionizer or direct use. C3 filters last up to 18 months. The c3 triple-filtration system uses a direct filtering process to produce healthy drinking water while still keeping the healthy mineral content. Each c3 canister is devoted to addressing a different set of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, chloramine, chlorine, and over 100 additional contaminants.

Why you have to choose C3?
High quality and economic is ultimate c3 goal. Special design provides flexible filter’s foundation, and 5 kg water pressure tolerance which means we can change our cartridge’s combination according to the water quality and also we can provide you 3 stages. From this point, you can throw the old system away, the new one is very flexible, space saving and safe.


Easy and quick installation – everybody can do it.

Installation is very simple, everybody can do it. Installation kit is included.

filter c3 side

Reconfigured to Protect Against 99% of Chloramines

We have noticed a trend towards increased chloramine usage in Malaysian tap water. In order to provide our customers with the ultimate protection, we reconfigured our C3 Pre-Filter to protect the user from up to 99% of chloramines. This new Chanson filter configuration has replaced our original C3 Pre-Filter and is now what is exclusively sold to Chanson customers and dealers in Malaysia.


Flexible and Lasting

Water filtration c3 is unique not only for its filtration properties, but also filter service life (up to 18 months) which from an economic point of view you will appreciate. Water filtration c3 is designed to fit with any water of either city or countryside quality. C3 could be installed on top kitchen counter or bellow it. Each of c3 water filtration filters is specially designed removing of specific harmful chemicals, heavy metals, chloramine and other contaminants from your water

filter ceramic naked 2


The ceramic candle is imported directly from the USA, passed over 12 hours of high temperature baking process in over 1150 C. The ceramic candle is 100% natural based, does not contain any chemicals. The first ceramic filter was introduced in 1827 by Doulton from England and was designed to reduce the cholera from spreading. Extend about 1-2 years (depends on water quality and usage volume). Ceramic candle can be re-used by cleaning with sponges as long ceramic doesn’t crack off.

Functions: With only 0.2 micron, is able to block anything larger than water molecules such as virus, germs and bacteria. Only water and smaller contaminants can pass through this filtering system. It is great absorber of pesticides, odor, chlorine, chemicals as well.

filter C1 Activated Carbon Block

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Block filter (CT-G30)


Last up to 1 year (depends on the quality of water and usage volume)


Made of CTO compressed mesh coconut-based activated carbon blocks


Functions: With Superfine absorb-ability, removes odor, bad taste, chlorine, bleaches, pesticides and even smaller particles and chemical remains.

Filter C2 Activated Aumina

Stage 3: Oxidize Alumina filter (ASMFTR0012)


Last up to 1 year (depends on the quality of water and usage volume)


Activated alumina is produced by a careful controlled calcination of alumina trihydrate

Functions: Remove Fluoride, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Arsenic, Ether, Carbonyl Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide and Selenium

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