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Max Royale tap

Our product is simply better. That's because we are crazy about it. Our products are approved and tested for both Malaysia and International standards. We focus on providing the best products at an affordable price without compromising on the quality and service. And yes, we bring the best from the best directly to you without going through elaborated marketing plan.

We are family. We drink Chanson.

Chanson Series

VS-705 Miracle Max Royale lcd

Miracle Max Royale Under Counter Ionizer

Chanson Water is proud to present our new revolutionary under-counter stainless steel smart digital faucet ionizer.
With a new sleek Stainless Steel design and with the new touch sensitive smartphone panel you can easily select the water level of your choice.
Using the Miracle Max Plus as the engine to the Miracle Max Royale (VS-A705) this is a machine that you must have in your kitchen.

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PLA705 Miracle Max black

Miracle Max Plus 7 Plates Counter Top Water Ionizer

The Chanson Miracle MAX Plus is the next generation of water ionizer and alkalized water. With a new and improved design, our newest model surpasses any other on the market now.

The first device in the world to utilize a Himalayan rock salt system, the ionized water is enriched full of nutritional and organic health benefits no other ionizer filtration system carries.

The Miracle MAX Plus has 7 plates of nano-coated titanium plates allowing better and cleaner water to flow with more ionization.

Also introduced into this product is the reliable and convenient RAD (Radical Action De-Calcification) self-cleaning system, extending the life of the Miracle MAX Plus Water Ionizer and giving your water the added benefit of all the crucial minerals our bodies thrive upon.

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filter c3 front small

3 stage pre-filter system for alkaline water ionizer

Flexible… optional… eco-products
High quality filter and value for money. The state of the art filter can tolerate high water pressure and are independent filters. You may change the cartridge according to your water quality. It is so flexible and easy to use.

Stage 1: Precise Ceramic Filter (CT-G80)

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Block Filter (CT-G30)

Stage 3: Oxidize Alumina Filter (ASMFTR0012)

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