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How We Transformed Your Water?

Water ionizers work by the process of electrolysis. That means that when water is run over the electrically charged plates, the water is separated into two steams. One of the streams is rich in hydrogen ions (H+) and is called acidic water, and the other is rich in hydroxyl ions (OH-) and is called alkaline water. People drink the alkaline, or negatively charged water for its health benefits. People use the weaker forms of acidic water as a “beauty water” for their skin, or the stronger acidic water for cleaning.

Why Our Water Taste So Much Better?

Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules. Tap water has very large clusters (10 to 13 molecules per cluster), whereas ionized water uses electrolysis to reduce large tap water clusters from their original size into microclusters (5 to 6 molecules per cluster). The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability and is potentially up to six times more hydrating than normal tap water. Therefore, it is good to your metabolism.


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Seriously Anti-Oxidant Potential In Tap Water?

Oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP, is a measurement that indicates the degree to which a substance is capable of oxidizing or reducing another substance. ORP is measured in millivolts (mv) using an ORP meter.

There is a continuous exchange of electrons that takes place between substances in the air, in the earth, in water, and in our bodies. This phenomenon is known as ion exchange and we can't see it.

Really?? I Need Alkaline Water?

Our modern lifestyle cuases our body to be acidic. Acidosis is the cause of many major and minor diseases, aches and pains. Cancer, chronic fatigue, and many other illnesses thrive within an acidic body. So it is important to alkalize our body. Disease cannot flourish in an alkaline environment.

Malaysia tap water and our mineral water are acidic. They are around PH5 to 7. Many of the foods we eat are also acidic. Though our body has the ability to alkalize itself, the rate of acidic intake and stress is too much for the body to counter and reverse.