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Chanson Water has been developing total water solutions in Taiwan for residential, health care and commercial uses since 1979. Chanson products can be found in over 30 countries around the world. Chanson Water is a global household brand and trusted by people from the US to Australia. Chanson only uses top quality components and food grade materials to provide the best quality water to improve health and keep your families safe.

Core Values

To remain at the forefront of total water solution technology, we invested in our people. Our R&D team continuously strives to develop the newest and most effective water filtration & water ionizers. Our staff drive for one distinct goal: to be able to give you the best product and best possible support.


Universal Quality Control Processes
Our entire production process is implemented as per international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. Our Quality Testing department supervises and ensures product quality. We firmly believe that "quality is the core of an enterprise's strength", hence we regard our
quality as our most valuable wealth.


Research and Development
To meet the ever changing market needs, Chanson Water R&D team consists of a team of experts with high levels of education and market experience. Constantly informed on future market trends, product developments, & product trends, we are up and constantly challenging the current trends of the market with innovation. Thus providing our customers with the highest levels of satisfaction and service.



Chanson's products and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. We aim to reduce energy consumption by extending appliance life cycles on all our products. With over 30 years of experience, we are confident of strong continuous growth based on our ethical conduct and aim of giving our customers a healthy and safe quality of life.

Our Achievements - Certifications


Our Achievements - Patents & Awards

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